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Team Cabinets

TEAM CABINETS DISTRIBUTORS was founded in Winter Park, Florida by Thomas Rodriguez in 2017. The idea came from a buying consortium in Chicago, Illinois that represents multiple industries and investors around the world. Presented with an immediate success story, the owners of the consortium group offered an opportunity to capitalize on the Florida market and the lower southeastern states from Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida. As our delivery system could reach our clients within 48 hours. At the time a record breaker, but still a great service model and working currently today.

Our goal is to offer a great product line to our members and offer the customer service that is needed with warranty’s, specifications and the logistics needed to be competitive with others in our industry.

Today, we are bringing merchandise from Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, where most of all products are being manufactured. Our factory partners in Malaysia offers our custom specification for the majority of our imported products. As we keep an eye on the market, we see neighboring country’s producing products, but not always good products that we would be interested in, and as we attempt to avoid the growing pains that factories have in the first two years of operation. However, our factories are well versed in getting production  online and moving quickly.

In our travels, we are seeing more diverse colors and new door styles that will either hit or miss the market, and we are keeping close tabs on the products that move the best. One of our recently added products that we are seeing is the blue and gray wood door styles and they are really moving quickly.

Located in Longwood, Florida TEAM Cabinet Distributors carries a variety of cabinet products, but our primary source of inventory is throughout the USA, where we drop ship from large warehouses. As one company runs out of a product, we find our sources that have the same or equivalent to the same product and fill the order.

Watching the market is only a small part of TEAM, as we are helping developing companies blossom with their own line of cabinetry. These companies are often very difficult to work with and have the best purchasing agents in the industry. Most cabinetry suppliers cannot cater to the demands, and this is where we shine as well. This allows many companies to move away from not getting paid for lack of performance, and the development company takes the responsibility into their own hands. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Did you know we can finance that large project for you? We can, but this does involve special paperwork that requires signing documents and qualifying to be financed. Not from a credit position, but you just need to know the rules and commitments involved. We can then take the order, manufacture the product or pull from our inventory and get the project wrapped up, in this case we play a larger role in the project, and you get to make your project happen at the right cost by working with your TEAM.

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